1 Jul 19

Boeing and Kitty Hawk go for flying cars

While ridehailing companies like Uber are increasingly getting their cars of the streets and into the air, flying car startups are doing the real deal. Startup Kitty Hawk is partnering with Boeing to get its semi-autonomous flying taxi out there as well. 

Boeing and Kitty Hawk will develop the two-seater flying car, called Cora, with the intention of delivering a semi-autonomous flying taxi service in the future. As such the idea is to have the flying car be flown mainly by autopilot systems, yet with supervision from a remote human pilot. 

The partnership of Kitty Hawk - backed by Google founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page – with Boeing is not the only one of its kind. Uber has partnered up with several aerospace companies as well to launch its Uber Air Service, which will see its first test flights in 2020 and its first commercial service should start in 2023.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen