15 Jan 19

The Future of Mobility in Detroit

With the aim to lead and inspire the automotive future in Detroit, more than 200 relevant companies are gathering together from January 14 to 17 at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Tonight 17 startups will pitch their product.

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) selected the finalists out of the more 65 participants from around the world. This time NAIAS has partnered with Techstars Mobility to curate the roster of participating startups and share its expertise with them.

Ted Serbinski, Managing Director of Techstars Mobility, said Detroit is the perfect entry point for early-stage innovative startups to build up a network with the industry. ‘If you’re building anything innovative in the automotive mobility industry, you’re going to pass through Detroit at some point.’

Eventually the startups will be competing in three categories: Mobility Application, Mobility Technology, and Mobility Service. The applications covered a wide array of the various sectors in the evolving automotive market, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous and connected platforms, infrastructure communications and security applications.

Mobility Application

  • Busie (USA) simplifies online booking and logistics for operators and organisers. 
  • Deephow (USA) is the first AI solution for skilled trades know-how capturing and training. 
  • Fairfare (USA) is a direct booking, ride hail marketplace app.
  • Fantasmo (USA) is building a decentralised platform for 3D spatial maps and camera-based positioning. 
  • Xapix (USA), is building an orchestration platform for digital mobility services, providing vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers.

Mobility Technology

  • Alchemy (Canada) is a nanotechnology startup pioneering two nanocoatings: especially interesting for AVs.
  • Autobon AI (USA) provides trucking fleets with after-market autopilot system that enables existing semi-trucks to deliver freight autonomously on US highways
  • Carmera (USA) is building the world’s most robust street intelligence platform.
  • Derq (UAE) provides AI-based ITS and V2X software applications predict the behaviors and intentions of road users to warn cars with enough time to avoid crashes. 
  • Toposens (Germany) developed the world’s first 3D ultrasound sensor enabling close-range object detection for autonomous driving cars or mobile robots. 
  • WaveSense (USA) uses subterranean maps created with ground penetrating radar to facilitate AVs to drive even in challenging conditions.

Mobility Service

  • Alto (USA) offers on-demand rides that are safe, consistent, and tailored to our members’ preferences.
  • Haas Alert (USA) provides C-V2X enabled solutions to avoid collisions and reduce traffic delays for drivers, emergency crews and roadway operators.
  • IntelliTire (USA) makes tires smarter as its name made you guess already.
  • Parkofon (USA) delivers automated on-street and off-street parking by using its high-accuracy geolocation device.
  • Priva (USA) offers a regional transportation alternative to commuter flights by taking customers door-to-door in a private, connected, and mobile office.
  • Sawatch Labs (USA) provides algorithmic decision making to vehicle fleet stakeholders around electrification, infrastructure, fleet rightsizing and more.
Authored by: Fien Van den steen