1 Jul 19

How location data powers new mobility services

To find where you’re going, first you must know where you are. That’s not just an important life lesson: it’s also true for a host of new mobility services – all of which need precise location data as provided by HERE.

HERE technology already powers the journeys of 100 million vehicles around the world. The relevance of its location intelligence will only increase. 

From A to B

A recent study predicts private car ownership in the U.S. will drop 80% by 2030 – falling from almost 250 million to just 44 million. Powering that massive transition will be a rise in car-sharing, ride-hailing and other mobility services. 

Another recent study forecasts that the global market for on-demand mobility will be worth a whopping $200 billion as early as 2024 – with Smart City initiatives across Europe, North America and Asia paving the way. 

Glittering visions

The future of on-demand mobility has many people dream of driverless cars and robotaxis, but those glittering visions detract us from where we can make most progress today and tomorrow: ride-hailing and car-sharing.

That’s where HERE comes in. Its location intelligence is crucial for the providers of those ride-hailing and car-sharing services to reduce their cost and improve user experience. Four examples:


A solution developed by SAP and HERE keeps traffic moving smoothly and reduces CO2. TwoGo is an app that updates the office carpool experience and simplifies ride-sharing coordination. It’s used by companies like Amazon, Reebok and many more. 


Up to 70% of incoming calls to hotels inquire about shuttle buses. Together with Glympse, HERE has developed a hotel shuttle tracker that takes the anxiety out of waiting for that connection to the airport by providing real-time location data for hotel courtesy shuttle fleets. 

HERE and MasterCard

Working with MasterCard, HERE is creating new, seamless ways for travellers to make single, quick and easy payments for multimodal forms of transport. This will greatly benefiting both cities (smoother traffic) and citizens (faster travel). 

DB Park+Ride

Cars cruising for parking make up 30% of downtown traffic. One solution: maximise usage of available Park & Ride options. Developed with Deutsche Bahn and local partners in Stuttgart, the DB Park+Ride app supports commuters in planning their daily trips by providing information on available parking space. 

As these examples show, to go anywhere, you need to go HERE first!