1 Feb 19

MaaS to the next level with Moovit

Moovit, the leading mobility application takes its MaaS offer to the next level with real-time traffic management and a partnership with Uber. 

Since MaaS is estimated to become the future of mobility, it is worthwhile to take a look at how Moovit is already deploying this future nowadays around the world. The Moovit app is available in more than 2,700 cities, across 88 countries.  

From ride hailing to MaaS

Yesterday the leading MaaS provider and the world’s #1 urban mobility app announced a partnership with Uber, the world ‘s #1 ride hailing app. The partnership of both companies is not the biggest surprise, since Uber is moving into the MaaS market, extending its initially ride hailing services with new mobility offerings. Teaming up with Moovit can be seen in the line of Uber’s acquisition of JUMP bikes and e-scooters before, and its research towards autonomous and alternative mobility modes. 

Therefore, integrating the industry-leading transit APIs of Moovit sounds like the logic next step to take. It will allow the company to integrate public transit in its mobility app, and hence extend Uber’s MaaS offer. 

The vision to become a one-stop shop for transportation in a city of Uber will start in Denver, and plans to expand to other cities will follow in the next months. 


Moreover, to enhance the use of transit in the Moovit system, the company has launched last week its Moovit TimePro system, a real-time vehicle location system. The MaaS solution will enable transit agencies to solve operational efficiency problems and keep urban transit flowing, while it will inform passengers with accurate real-time information. The latter will result in efficient trip planning, before and during the journey.

While the passengers will be able to access the real-time transit information via a smartphone application of Moovit, the transit agencies will have access to a dashboard in order to manage their fleets. And drivers will be equipped with a smartphone application in order to share the data of their trip. Moreover, the vehicle location will be adjusted with historical travel times and traffic patterns in order to optimise the calculations of arrival times. 

At the moment the Moovit TimePro system has already been deployed by transit agencies in France, Spain, Italy and Indonesia. 

While MaaS is the future of mobility, Moovit demonstrates how MaaS is already changing the mobility landscape in the present.


Authored by: Fien Van den steen