7 Mar 19

Saving (ride hailing) miles

After airline loyalty programmes, there are now the ridehailing reward programmes. Saving ridehailng miles can give you appealing advantages, such as jumping the line at the airport. 

Earning miles

Uber started its Uber Rewards programme in November in 9 cities in the US and is now expanding its service to the entire US. At roughly the same time, Lyft launched a similar programme. 

Both ridehailing loyalty programmes give you the possibility to save miles by using their services. In the case of Uber, you can gain rewards by using Uber’s ridehailing service, or Uber Eats. For example, UberPool and UberEats are worth 1 point. UberX, UBerXL, Select and WAV bring in 2 points, while Black and Black SUV yield 3. However, Uber’s bikes and scooters won't give you any rewards, except for health and other benefits of active mobility of course. 

Lyft launched its Rewards programme in December for select passengers and plans to expand the service this year. The programme comes on top of the possibility to earn Delta SkyMiles, while workers could already benefit from Business Rewards, to earn credit for personal trips. 

Spending miles

Comparable to airline programmes, you can spend your earned miles or incentives in ridehailing or in Uber Eats. Additionally, each dollar spent brings you closer to the next membership level, ranging from blue, over gold and platinum to diamond. Regardless of the level you will receive a $5 credit for every 500 points earned. Depending on the level, you can gain additional non-financial benefits like a priority airport pickup, flexible cancellation, and price protection. 

Lyft sees its rewards going to bonuses like ride upgrades and more experienced drivers. Moreover, Lyft will organise “double-points” days to encourage you to take your next Lyft ride. 

Business rewards

Whereas Uber does not offer a specific business rewards programme, Lyft does. The Lyft Business Profiles were already launched in 2016 as a way to make it easier to manage business rides, and its members will now receive rewards for their rides. 

With the Business Rewards programme, you receive $5 in personal ride credit for every 5 business rides taken. Further on, the business programme allows you to add a personal and a corporate payment method, so you can separate your expenses. Moreover, the receipts can be sent to your company email, and/or the company can partner up with Lyft to eliminate the expense-reporting part. And for those who are not only frequently on the road, but also in the air, Lyft lets you save Delta Skymiles as well. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen