25 May 19

Spin’s charging stations kill two birds with one stone

Scooter company Spin and charging start-up Swiftmile are launching a project to not only clean up the streets from scooter clutter, but to also charge them with clean energy. 

In a pilot project in Washington DC and Ann Arbor, Spin and Swiftmile will launch solar-powered docking stations for 60 days during the summer. The charging stations aim to kill two birds with one stone by charging the scooters with solar energy and at the same time providing an answer on the main argument against scooters: the overload of badly parked scooters on pavements. By providing them with docking stations, the scooters will be parked at a dedicated spot rather than randomly on streets and pavements. 

The pilot project reminds of the launch of startup Charge earlier on to install charging stations for scooters and bikes at existing car parks. In addition, while the charging stations of Spin would only serve Spin scooters, the ones of Charge would be compatible with most of the scooter brands around. 

Of course, the question would be if scooter riders will do the effort to bring their vehicle back to a docking station if they could easily just leave them behind on the pavement, as there are no obligations or incentives to bring them to the station. 

Yet, the system might be exemplary for cities seeking a solution for scooter clutter and decarbonisation of their mobility system at the same time. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen