24 Jul 18

Chile imposes regulations on ride-hailing companies

The Chilean government has imposed regulations on ride-hailing companies such as Uber, Easy Taxi, and Cabify.

Drivers are now required by law to have a professional license and accident insurance. They also cannot have drug trafficking, assault or sexual offences on their criminal record.

The platforms running the services will also need to register as a paid passenger transport company and pay associated taxes, Mexican paper El Economista reported.

These companies, which started operating in the country in 2014, have been rejected by taxi driver unions who have accused them of operating illegally and causing irreparable economic harm.

For motorists not following the new laws, fines could reach up to US$7,400, while an accumulation of violations could lead to the cancellation of their license.

In the past two years, Uber has reached 50,000 registered drivers in Chile, the report said. 

Photo: Uber car (Source: Shutterstock)


Authored by: Daniel Bland