26 Jan 18

Eric Pulido, AXA Mexico: Providing insurance for Uber drivers, passengers

International ride-hailing company Uber is expanding throughout the world and one of its concerns is making sure its drivers and passengers are insured during trips. As such, the Mexican unit of Paris-based insurance company AXA has recently closed a deal with the multinational.

AXA deputy director of business development, Eric Pulido, touches base with Global Fleet on this issue and others.

Could you tell me a bit about AXA's automobile insurance services in Mexico?

AXA Mexico is a multi-line business insurance firm which happens to be the third largest vehicle insurance company in the country.

Our goal is to better protect more Mexicans and to give peace of mind to our policy holders. In the case of a car accident, vehicle owners have a complete service and this includes having an AXA professional assist them anywhere in the country.

Our service includes towing as well as repair management, being Back to Brand or using an AXA certified body shop. As for fleet managers, we have a single point of contact for these types of policies. As such, we are able to achieve a better understanding of their needs and, in turn, develop feasible solutions for their fleet.

What is "My AXA"?

My AXA is a mobile app for our clients, something which has a number of unique features. Among them is our call center vehicle tracking service which locates you anywhere in the country, and a mapping service which shows the exact location of our insurance adjuster when on route to you.

Regarding AXA's agreement with Uber, does the insurance cover all of Mexico and do you see similar agreements occurring in other Latin American countries?

Without any extra cost to drivers or passengers, Uber is providing insurance coverage throughout every Mexican city by way of an agreement with AXA and Colombia-based insurance company Sura. While Sura will serve Mexico City and Estado de Mexico, we are serving the rest of the country.

As Uber is very focused on providing security for both drivers and passengers, I'm quite sure the company will continue to work with other insurers, adapting its service to the local needs throughout Latin America.

What does the Uber agreement actually cover?

From the moment the passenger enters the vehicle until he or she exits the vehicle, every trip is covered with third party liability - including occupant third party liability - in the case of an accident. This includes medical expenses for all occupants of the car while traveling.

As for the driver, the insurance includes damage contingent coverage, meaning that it covers vehicle damage as well as theft for the motorists. The deductible is 10% of the commercial value of the car.

Are the drivers covered when they are not conducting Uber services?

No, the drivers need to have their own complementary insurance to cover them during non-Uber driving times known as enterprise transport network insurance, ERT. Specifically designed for Uber drivers, ERT is less expensive than commercial insurance, and it's offered by AXA with the commercial name "Protect U".


Authored by: Daniel Bland