25 Sep 22

Pizza Hut kicks off SOLO Cargo EV deliveries in US

Pizza Hut kicks off deliveries by SOLO Cargo EVs in California

ElectraMeccanica, manufacturer of the electric delivery vehicle known as SOLO Cargo, has partnered with the American West Restaurant Group (AWRG) to provide delivery vehicles for Pizza Hut restaurants in the western US states of California and Utah. 

Under a 13-week pilot program which should end just before Christmas, the Pizza Hut franchisee (AWRG) has launched the service with 14 SOLO Cargos in Southern California. AWRG manages over 230 quick-service restaurants in Southern California, some of which are in densely populated areas which is prime territory for the SOLO Cargo.

It is a single-seater three-wheel vehicle which is well suited for crowded streets and parking lots. With its insulated cargo area isolated from the cabin, the delivery vehicle keeps food warm. 

It’s cabin has room for 10 large pizzas, four bottles of soda, and two sides, and the full-electric vehicle has a 100-mile range and at top speed of 80 miles per hour. It can be charged at any standard electric outlet.

The SOLO Cargo is both safe to drive and easy to maneuver and park, according to ElectraMeccanica.

Authored by: Daniel Bland