17 Nov 21

Uber carpooling returns to the US

Uber’s revamped carpooling service UberX Share has kicked off in Miami, 20 months after Uber shared rides were suspended in the US in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During UberX Share rides, only one other extra passenger may be picked up and everyone must be wearing a mask. A 5% discount is given to ride hailers, local news service Verge reported.

Although the pilot has been launched in Miami, Uber has yet to release any information about future rollout plans in other cities.

Meanwhile, Uber rival Lyft re-introduced shared rides in July, also accepting a maximum of one extra rider of which everyone needs to wear a mask. Its service was launched in Chicago, Denver, and Philadelphia.

The lower priced rides may impact the plans of fleet and mobility managers who are now finding ways to cut mobility costs in the face of the recovering US economy.

Authored by: Daniel Bland