15 May 19

From parking to mobility hub

What will happen with all our multistorey car parks if the future brings more shared cars and other types of mobility? Ask Flashparking, they believe they have the solution. 

Parking management compay FlashParking proposes to convert multistorey car parks into urban mobility hubs. Rather than using garages for parking cars only, the valuable (urban) space could be converted into a multipurpose zone for EV charging, parking and charging of cockless bikes and scooters, stationing zones for ride hailing vehicles between two rides, parking zone for autonomous vehicles, and even to clean and service cars. 

Smooth Mobility

Globally cities face several similar mobility issues that could be solved by converting multistorey car parks into mobility hubs: traffic congestion, the lack of space, and the diversification of mobility modes. The same goes for companies willing to diversify their fleet and moving from personal cars to a variety of mobility modes including shared vehicles, electric vehicles, and even other mobility modes. 

Repurposing car parks into multifunctioning mobility hubs is not only a practical but a necessary sollution to manage the new mobility ecosystem. Rather than clearing them all together which sometimes is proposed as an answer to the move from vehicle ownership to shared mobility and mobility as a service, repurposing them will not only benefit the parking lot owners/managers but the entire mobility system as well. 


The US-based FlashParking offers parking solutions – from traditional parking management to the above-described mobility hubs – for all kind of car park operators, from airports to office buildings, from stadium to residential buildings. As a result they serve about 5.1 million average parkers per month, at more than 1,000 different locations. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen