7 Mar 19

A train in Denver? Try Uber

There is a further move in the trend for multi-modal mobility. Uber, best known for its ride-hailing services, has announced that in the American city of Denver, its users can now see the public transport options for the journeys they wish to make. This service came into operation earlier this year, and it is reported by New Mobility that it may even become possible to pay the public transport fare via the Uber app.

This latest move by Uber follows its other expansion operations in the total mobility domain, such as the inclusion of Jump electric bicycles and scooters to its range of car-based services. Another of the Uber services which is a little way estranged from ride-hailing is the UberExpress shared rides with fixed pickup location, which sounds somewhat similar to a bus service.

For the city of Denver, New mobility goes ion to say, the initiative is designed to see fewer cars on the roads. Uber thus becomes a complement to public transport rather than a competitor.

(Image: public domain)

Authored by: Tim Harrup