5 Mar 19

Bringing scooter and car sharing together

Vulog, a leading tech company in car sharing, announced an important partnership with Segway to kick off shared micro-mobility services with Segway’s kick-scooters. 

The micro-mobility market is growing every day. Besides bikes and mopeds, scooters are taking a big part of the pie. So it's no wonder Vulog, a leading car-sharing tech company, would seek its way into the shared micro-mobility market in general and scooters in particular. To have an idea, last year, the technology of Vulog powered 15 million journeys, spread over its partnerships across five continents. 

Scooters and Cars

Partnering up with leading kick-scooter manufacturer Segway sounds like a logical next step. Especially considering the usage of the new ‘sharing-ready’ scooters from Segway can provide an answer to the booming scooter share in the shared mobility. 

The partnership will result in a remarkable and unique shared mobility offer: scooters and cars. The platform and technology of Vulog and the scooters of Segway will offer both existing mobility operators and new entrants the opportunity to deploy profitable, large-scale shared kick-scooter services in a convenient way. 

To be continued soon

Remarkably, it is the first collaboration of this kind between Vulog and a mobility manufacturer, but the company already announced that it will definitely not be the only one. Vulog expects soon to announce similar arrangement with car manufacturers, in order to offer ‘sharing ready’ cars to operators as well. 

The service will be launched in the second quarter of 2019. And even though it's a new kind of partnership, Vulog’s AiMA platform has been developed for over 12 years, and the company has experience from implementing 25 customer projects. Moreover, the platform will be enhanced with new features, such as improved predictive demand management, specific electric fleet management enhancements, and the integration of autonomous shared mobility capabilities, preparing for the mobility offer of the future. 

Image: A kick-scooter of Segway will soon become ready to share with the technology of Vulog.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen