4 Aug 20

Smart Mobility Thursday Webinar: Convergencies between Fleet, Travel and HR

International fleet managers are increasingly looking for ways to move their current fleet programme to a mobility programme. It was also the topic of the third session of the Smart Mobility Thursday Webinar Series in North America, titled 'Mobility Convergencies between Fleet, Travel and HR', with insights from Franz Fehlner, Head of International Fleet at Allianz and Pascal Struyve, Global  Fleet and Travel Management specialist and president of the Belgian Association for Travel Management. Watch this webinar on top of this article.

The Smart Mobility Thursday Webinar Series are an initiative of the Smart Mobility Institute with the support of NAFA, the biggest fleet management association in North America. Its goal is to inform vehicle fleet managers with activities in North America about the transformation from vehicle fleet to mobility management. At the centre of the webinars are best practice sharing and interaction.

You can already register for the fourth episode of this unique Series:

Webinar 4: Establishing the right framework for an international Request for Mobility - 27 August from 4:00 to 5:00 PM CEST.

  • Date: Thursday 27 August from 4:00 to 5:00 PM CEST
  • What you will learn:
    • How to successfully tackle distortion of objectives in mobility management?
    • How to ensure efficient change management?
    • How to define and set up the right MaaS framework?
  • This webinar is free to attend upon registration - You can register here!

And should you have missed the first webinars, you can relive them here:

Webinar Common Requirements from Fleet to Mobility

Webinar Mobility Trends in Europe


*The Smart Mobility Institute is a cross-functional networking group of corporate buyer profiles whose aim is to discuss the transformation from Fleet to Mobility Management. Within the Institute, the participants share best practices, explore new possibilities, and inspire each other with real use cases, while continuously working on a common vision for the future of mobility.  At the center is best-practice sharing, learning from in-depth presentations, listening to inspiring case studies and open panel discussions.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs