4 Feb 19

There is a place for diesel

Independent tests show that Euro 6d-temp compliant models are hundreds of times cleaner in real life than some of their Euro 5 predecessors. From a CO2 reduction point of view, they can contribute to meet European emission targets.

“Clean diesels are indeed widely available, but customer and city trust has been lost,” says James Hobday, Business Development Director at Emissions Analytics.

He engaged in a panel discussion with Fleet Europe’s New Energies specialist Dieter Quartier (pictured) last Friday at S&P Global Platts’ annual Middle Distillates conference in Antwerp, Belgium, on the future of diesel. Quartier is the author of many an article on diesel, including

During the panel discussion, Dieter Quartier and James Hobday shared their views on electrification, vehicle taxation and the switch to petrol. “The only way to direct people towards cleaner engines and less vehicle use, especially during rush hour, is to apply a pay-per-mile tax,” said Quartier.

He believes that all roads eventually lead to electric, whether powered by batteries or hydrogen. Natural gas can help reduce CO2 emissions but remains a fossil fuel and hence not the best answer to global climate change.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck