10 Mar 17

White Paper: The Future of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

ALD Automotive gives you the opportunity to get a free overview on the current situation of alternative fuel vehicles in Europe, combined with a comprehensive insight in the future outlook of alternative powertrains based on the challenges to come.

Concerns about poor air quality and pollution are not restricted to the scientific community anymore. States, governments, civil society, companies, and the public have gained consciousness that the need for change is real. The vehicle fleet sector is particularly impacted since it is pointed at as one of the main factors responsible for this situation.

ALD Automotive together with Strategy Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan developed an overview of the forthcoming legislation changes discussed in Europe concerning this issue and detailed a range of options with regard to alternative powertrain technologies in order to anticipate, adapt the corporate fleet and remain compliant in the future regarding CO2 emissions and other environmental criteria.

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