9 Jan 20

Mexico kicks off new legislation benefiting “green” vehicles

The new “green” mandate under Mexico’s environmental program Hoy No Circula (no circulating today) - which restricts normal vehicle operations in and around Mexico City (CDMX) – has started.


As of last week (1 January), vehicles possessing special hologram windshield stickers type 0 and 00 – for “greener” car models – will be able to circulate on roads within CDMX without any restrictions.

Among the types of cars categorized to be unrestricted are electric, hybrid and natural gas vehicles, as well as those used for school, public safety, and dangerous residual transport.


Hoy No Circula restricts cars with specific license plate numbers from circulating in the region during particular days of the week. The restriction lasts from 5am to 10pm for national vehicles and from 5am to 11am for foreign vehicles.

The law contemplates Mexico City and the state of Mexico, as well as the municipalities of Tlascala, Puebla, Hidalgo, and Morelos.


Authored by: Daniel Bland