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1 Oct 18

Global Fleet launches WIKIFLEET Brazil, Mexico, Argentina

Global Fleet has launched three country profiles for its online vehicle fleet market encyclopedia Wikifleet, being Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, home to the largest automobile markets in Latin America.

Also boasting the three largest economies in the region at US$1.93tn, US$1.54tn, and US$620bn, respectively in 2017, their Wikifleet pages include 12 chapters in all, starting with information on economy and business, automobile markets, taxation and legislation, and car policies.

Traffic in Brazil's largest city, São Paulo (Source: Shutterstock)


Among the other data available in the online encyclopedia are funding methods, fuel, TCO components, safety, insurance, telematics, environment, mobility, and a bit about key trends.

To give you a taste of growing trends, more companies are transitioning their fleets from outright purchases to fleet management or even full-servicing leasing in Brazil, and the use of non-plugin hybrids such as the Toyota Prius is becoming more attractive in Mexico.

Meanwhile, in Argentina– and its surrounding region – more safety equipment is being requested in cars and many fleet managers are actually seeking international safety standards for their fleets.

As is the case with all wiki-inspired websites, users of the site have the opportunity to update the information and to add new details to the Wikifleet page. Feel free to contact Global Fleet Latin America editor Daniel Bland at dbland@nexuscommunicaton.be if you have any updates or additional information. 
Global Fleet would like to thank previous contributors of these pages: BDO, TIP Mexico, AutoCorp, RDA Renting, and Move.On.

Authored by: Daniel Bland