4 Apr 22

US transportation secretary Buttigieg announces new fuel economy standard

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has announced a new fuel economy standard which requires passenger cars, trucks and vans produced for the model year 2026 to average 49 miles per gallon compared to 38 mpg previously. 

The new standard will also increase fuel efficiency 8% annually for model years 2024-2025 and 10% annually for the model year 2026, the Secretary said during a press conference. 

“That means if you’re filling up four times a month, that would become three times a month by model year 2026 based on those averages,” Buttigieg said. “And, of course, that would save a typical American household hundreds of dollars.”

The administration states that the new requirements will reduce fuel use by more than 200 billion gallons through 2050 and estimates that it will prevent 5.5 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere between now and 2050.

The announcement follows a nationwide spike in gasoline prices recently. During the last two weeks of March, the price at the pump in the US increased more than 20% on average to $4.43 per gallon, adding to increases already seen even before that (see image below).

Illustration of price increases, courtesy of Statista

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Top Photo: US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg during the announcement on Friday, 1 April (source: ABC News)


Authored by: Daniel Bland