25 Aug 21

Kuwait to build region’s first ‘EV City’

Kuwait’s Port Authority (KPA) has approved plans for a new development specifically designed to attract and cater for the needs of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. The so-called ‘EV City’ would be the first of its kind throughout the wider Middle East region, Kuwait officials claim. 

The plan aims to attract foreign investment by EV manufacturers. As such, it is in line with Kuwait’s Vision 2035, a plan for economic diversification, and for confirming and reinforcing the small country’s position as a financial and commercial hub for the region.

Yousef al-Abdullah al-Sabah, the general manager for KPA, stated the Authority is well placed to provide all logistical services required, as well as covering a wide range of infrastructure needs. The tendering process for the design and construction of EV City will begin in fiscal 2021/22, he said. 

KPA is planning several logistics cities, spread over 2 km2 of recently reclaimed land, in a concerted effort to support local Kuwaiti business and attract international investment. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs