26 Nov 21

Insurtech start-up Ride Protect launches service to cover gig economy drivers in Australia

Didi ride share car

Australian car insurance start-up Ride Protect has this week launched a service aimed specifically at ride-share drivers, Startup Daily reports.

Gig economy drivers often don’t have the right insurance cover or the correct level of coverage they need to drive professionally for ride-share or food delivery services.

Some are unaware they need specific add-on insurance and others cannot afford the extra high cost from their traditional automotive insurer.

This is what Ride Protect founder and CEO Jeremy Bennett discovered before launching the company in association with underwriter Mercurien, an Australian fleet services and commercial motor insurance provider.

Ride share is expanding rapidly in Australia via a collection of companies including Uber, Didi and Ola. Drivers can now access dedicated and affordable insurance cover through Ride Protect.

Image courtesy of Adobestock.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway