31 May 21

A new Australian match: home batteries and car sharing

Global manufacturer of home battery energy storage Sonnen is joining forces with car subscription business Carbar to go to market with a unique concept: using the excess power that is generated by solar panels to power a subscription-based EV.

The new product, called “sonnenDrive” allows the subscriber to choose from a limited list of BEVs and PHEVs, all recent cars, for a fixed cost per week of roughly USD 350.

As Australia has no top-down EV incentives to speak of (at least not on country level), this type of initiatives is key for the uptake of electric/electrified vehicles. A similar initiative kicked off last year by AGL Energy, again with Carbar.

Research done by Carbar demonstrates that the high acquisition cost of EVs (again, due to a lack of subsidies and high luxury taxes) is what’s keeping most consumers from shifting to electric. Subscription models deliver the flexibility and affordability to overcome this objection.

Sonnen heavily promotes energy-independence and offers the Australian households the option to store the energy coming from their solar panels. Carbar has been amongst the firsts in Australia to offer cars on a weekly subscription basis.

Picture credit: Shutterstock

Authored by: Yves Helven