4 Oct 19

Yes to Singapore flying taxis by 2022!

German startup Volocopter, backed by Geely, Daimler and Intel, says it is likely to pilot its air taxi solutions in Singapore. Two use cases are being put forward: the transits between Changi airport and the city and tourist transits between Marina Bay and the leisure island Sentosa.

The company has been working closely with Singapore’s authorities to overcome regulatory hurdles, supported by the experience of 1000 test flights, both autonomous and piloted. The Singapore air taxi services will kick off in a piloted setup, leaving one seat for the passenger. Pricing should be comparable to that of a limo ride.

Singapore demonstrates again its eagerness to become the leading country for autonomous vehicles. All Volocopter needs now, is enough funding to keep its promises and deliver in 3 years’ time.

Authored by: Yves Helven