6 Dec 19

Mobileye mapping Barcelona roads to improve safety

Through its Autonomous Ready project, the City of Barcelona and Spain’s road safety authority DGT are using cutting-edge driver assistance technology now available from Mobileye, an Intel company, to make the city safer.

Fleets will gain a significant safety boost and Barcelona will gain valuable insight into the most accident-prone points in the city where infrastructure can be improved.

The project involves equipping fleet vehicles with Mobileye retrofit collision avoidance and mapping technology and passively surveying the roads of Barcelona. Data will be sent to the cloud for analysis and the city will then be able to improve its infrastructure and make its streets safer with the information.

To start, 400 vehicles from 12 local fleets have been equipped with Mobileye 8 Connect™, Mobileye’s most advanced retrofit ADAS system powered by the EyeQ®4. Mobileye-equipped vehicles collectively travel 28,000 miles – or 45,000 kilometers – daily, sending data to the cloud about what the on-board camera “sees.”

These fleets are also preparing themselves for expected EU regulations mandating the use of advanced driver assistance systems technology beginning in 2022.



Authored by: Daniel Bland