22 Jul 19

Volvo invests in medical AI and vehicle scanning Israeli startups

Volvo Cars Tech Fund is investing in two promising Israeli technology startups. UVeye and MDGo are both headquartered in Tel Aviv, where Volvo Cars has been involved with Drive, a mobility startup accelerator. 

MDGo specialises in medical artificial intelligence, aiming to save lives in the event of a car accident. By combining real-time data from the car during the accident with medical knowledge, MDGo aims to make automated early and immediate predictions on the type of injuries, hence emergency staff is better informed before arriving. 

UVeye is developing advanced technology for automatic scanning of the car's exterior; thereby charting any damage that is present, including superficial scratches and small dents. Volvo Cars intends to use the technology for conducting full exterior inspection of cars after they leave the production lines. By detecting even the smallest damage, the quality of the car can be further improved.  

Authored by: Fien Van den steen