2 May 18

Are cars smart in Latin America?

Although the standard car in Latin America usually does not have “smart” capabilities, one service offering this type of technology in Brazil is Volvo On Call, according to Kay Saunders of Volvo Car Group’s global fleet development.

It is a subscription app which allows drivers to remotely control various car functions. Besides emergency assistance, it provides remote support for vehicle climate control, door locks, and navigation.

“It also provides data to maintain driver journals for individuals or even for fleet managers with up to ten vehicles,” Saunders told Global Fleet, adding that cars can still be considered smart through other connectivity features.

As the concept of vehicle connectivity and integration grows, the list of services being made available for cars in Latin America and around the world are on the rise.

One interesting service recently started in the U.S. by Amazon.com is the Amazon Key In-Car service which involves delivering packages to your car. For this, you need services such as Volvo’s On Call or Chevrolet’s OnStar.

Kay Saunders is also one of the newest members of the Global Fleet advisory board Latin America.

Photo: Volvo On Call app (Source: Volvo Cars)

Authored by: Daniel Bland