22 Feb 22

Bolt Nigeria launches mobility service for SMEs and corporates

Bolt Nigeria launches mobility service for SMEs and corporates

e-Ride-hailing service provider Bolt has developed a mobility solution for SME businesses and corporates in Nigeria.

Businesses in the African country often find it difficult and expensive to get around cities in a sustainable way. The Bolt Business solution provides convenient and affordable mobility for riders plus earning opportunities for drivers.

Corporate offices and businesses can use the service by creating an account where their teams can login and book rides. Corporates and SMEs can then manage mobility by keeping track of business trips, tracking routes and expenses.

Connecting personal and business accounts

If employees already have a personal Bolt account, they can connect it to their employer’s Bolt Business account and switch payment methods when they book business travel to the corporate account.

Speaking on the development, Country Lead for Bolt Business in Nigeria, Chinedu Ossai said: “We are committed to easing mobility in Nigeria and the Bolt Business offering is one of the ways we achieve this. The goal is to ease mobility concerns for companies because we provide an affordable and easier option for transportation.”

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Alison Pittaway