16 Mar 20

Bynx highlights importance of e-Signing

Image courtesy of Bynx

In the wake of border closures, country-wide lockdowns and travel bans as a result of Coronavirus, provider of fleet and mobility management solutions Bynx has highlighted the importance of e-Signing capability for lease quotes and contracts.

Ensuring contracts are watertight is critical and despite taking robust and responsible measures, is something businesses struggle with – even when they can get together with customers face-to-face. In light of COVID-19 measures making that even more difficult, e-Signing has never been more valid.

Says Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx: “An electronic or “digital” signature is a package of information that legally binds everything together; signatories, documentation and intent. Technology providers should incorporate e-Signing into their platforms.”

Bynx includes integration with Adobe Sign. The capability offers other advantages over written signatures, such as added security, global acceptance and legal compliance, long-term retention and access, plus a much improved customer experience.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway