25 Oct 18

Future of mobility: 3D printing, Blockchain, and more

Besides vehicle connectivity and other growing trends, the future of mobility will be highly influenced by the use of sensors, mobility platforms, and the “cloud”, Frost & Sullivan consultant Yeswant Abhimanyu told Global Fleet.

Other pillars influencing market advancements in the mid to long-term are 3D Printing, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, says Abhimanyu who is principal consultant for automotive and digital transformation and LatAm research manager.

3D printing, along with Robotics, has a pivotal role to play in Automotive manufacturing 4.0 and manufacturing overall, while Blockchain can impact vehicle parts, supply chains and the aftermarket industry, said Abhimanyu who is also a Fleet Latam advisory board member.

For more on the trends of fleet and mobility in Latin America, attend the Fleet Latam expert meeting in São Paulo being held on October 30 during the Welcome Tomorrow 2018 mobility conference. The meeting features 12 speakers, of which one will be Frost & Sullivan senior consultant Guira Barretto.

Authored by: Daniel Bland