13 Apr 22

Mobileye releases compelling video showcasing AV full sensing suite

Mobileye releases compelling video showcasing AV full sensing suite

Intel’s Mobileye has released a 40-minute video demonstrating its True Redundancy™ sensing system operating hands-free in Israel.

The company is planning to launch robotaxi services in Israel and Germany later this year (2022) and the video showcases the trials it has been carrying out. The video shows a vehicle operating in autonomous mode while mimicking the multi-stop behaviour of a ride-hailing service.

“Mobileye Drive™ with True Redundancy defies industry norms with separate sensing subsystems that act as backups to one another. The very normal way in which the vehicle navigates very complex scenarios proves the value in this approach.” said Johann Jungwirth, vice president of mobility-as-a-service at Mobileye

This is the fifth such video showcasing the capabilities of True Redundancy, in which Mobileye’s alternative approach to autonomous vehicle (AV) sensor fusion is on full display. This video shows the Mobileye AV robotaxi navigating the busy streets of Jerusalem at night, while previous ones have shown the AV driving with the camera subsystem only.

The video is compelling and demonstrates how the near-ready robotaxi might operate in earnest and how Mobileye’s approach to environmental sensing could work. The AV handles the drive more or less as a human driver would (and in some cases better). The video truthfully demonstrates the capabilities of Mobileye's robotaxi when pitted against the whit of fellow human drivers in the city. 

Image (taken from the Mobileye video), courtesy of Mobileye. 

Authored by: Alison Pittaway