7 Dec 22

OCTO increases focus on Asia with new office in Japan

OCTO increases focus on Asia with new office in Japan

OCTO Telematics, a global leader in in data analytics for the vehicle and mobility insurance and fleet management sector, opened its eight international subsidiary in Japan, aiming to grow its presence in a strategic hub for technology, robotics and automation. Octo was already present in Japan through a commercial relationship with one of the biggest insurance companies in the country, Tokyo Marine. 

Headquartered in Rome (Italy), OCTO has international subsidiaries in the US, China, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Spain and France. The Tokyo office joins the other activities OCTO has in Hong Kong and Shanghai, underlining the importance of Asia for the growth of data analytics, smart mobility and fleet management businesses in the region. 

The Tokyo office of OCTO will aid in the development of the local connected mobility market and the surrounding countries, providing technical and sales support to customers. Thus, OCTO wants to consolidate its presence in Japan, a leader in advanced manufacturing and innovative technologies. By connecting to the highly active Japanese market, OCTO aims to deliver advanced telematics and technological solutions in insurance, fleet management and smart mobility, expanding its customer base. 

5.5 million users

Currently having 5,5 million connected users, OCTO holds a global database of over 820 billion kilometres of driving data. OCTO drives new mobility and sustainability for different business applications and uses cases via several services. In May, Octo Telematics announced "OCTO Fleet Essentials", aimed at improving all aspects of fleet management. The service helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% and shrinks maintenance costs by up to 25%. 

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Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen