22 Jun 23

Ridecell Introduces Fleet Transformation Cloud

Ridecell Introduces Fleet Transformation Cloud

Software-as-a-Service specialist Ridecell has launched the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud™, which uses intelligent automation, keyless vehicle control, and flexible systems integration to provide the workflow, sustainability automation, and mobility for vehicle fleets. 

The new sevice needs to allow fleet businesses to digitally transform operations at every stage of the vehile lifescycle. “After many years working with our customers, we know that fleet-driven businesses have put optimizing their operations and vehicle utilization as a top priority in their digital transformation roadmap,” said Aarjav Trivedi, Ridecell President and CEO

Mark Thomas, EVP Marketing & Alliances at Ridecell added: "Fleet management is a combination of different actions by different actors. And the more systems there are, the more sources you need to act upon as a fleet manager. Fleet Automation is there to help, as it is very good in actioning what is predictable and boring."

Solutions to Digitally Transform Fleet Operations 

  • Ridecell Operations 360 enables businesses to automate fleet operations and lifecycle management for every phase of the vehicle’s lifecycle.
  • Ridcell Sustainability allows fleets to reduce emissions and fuel costs while prioritizing driver safety
  • With built-in support for keyless access and automation for monetized fleets, Ridecell Mobility offers a modern user experience for all shared and rental vehicles. 

Achieving Digital Transformation Through Fleet Automation 

The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud is based upon four core platform pillars: intelligent automation, keyless vehicle control, flexible systems integration and AI/ML insights. In this context the "Fleet Automation" part responds to the How, and the "Digital Transformation" part is the Why. The outccome will be enhanced visibility and increased efficiency.

“Historically, businesses with fleets have focused on implementing connected vehicle data and fleet management systems to digitize and unify fleet operations, but the steps required to implement the recommended actions are mostly manual,” said Ridecell President and CEO Aarjav Trivedi. “The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud ushers in a new era of digital transformation by bringing intelligent automation to the operations and management of fleets. The solutions Ridecell provides deliver the ability for fleet management companies, last-mile delivery companies and all fleet-driven businesses to see a clear picture of fleet operations using insights turned into action.”

Mark Thomas, EVP Marketing & Alliances: "Our Fleet Transformation Cloud allows fleets to make fleet management insights actionable for the vehicles in use, to optimize vehicle lifecycle operations for vehicles to be used and to be defleeted, and to maximize fleet visibility across the various business lines."


Image: Ridecell

Authored by: Alison Pittaway