20 Jul 22

Sustainability for Africa - ROAM’s new electric motorcycle

Sustainability for Africa - ROAM’s new electric motorcycle

Swedish-Kenyan automotive technology company ROAM has launched a next-generation motorcycle, the ROAM AIR, to provide Africa's burgeoning citizen entrepreneur sector with affordable and sustainability mobility.

Africa is one of the Continents in the world that experiences the worst effects of climate change and yet contributes less than 2% to the problem. African citizen entrepreneurs are collaborating with businesses in Europe to get the funding and resources they need to solve the climate problem domestically. The Roam Air has been designed for urban and rural mobility after years of research and development. The aim: to building the optimal electric motorcycle for the African market.
Roam (which changed its name from Opibus earlier this year) said that the focus of the project has been to design a robust vehicle capable of handling rural dirt tracks and city roads, with a focus on carrying capacity - be that passengers or goods. The Roam Air's range and top speed enables mass adoption of clean transport across the Continent without the need for additional infrastructure.

Fully adapted for the commercial market

The product is the first fully adapted electric motorcycle for the commercial market in Africa, while at the same time almost reaching price parity with local petrol motorcycles (Price $1500) and with up to 70% lower running cost.
The Roam Air has a dual battery system. The new configuration allows users to remove the battery and plug it into any normal outlet at home to charge or in public charging and swapping stations.

"We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of the Roam Air, our next-generation electric motorcycle, adapted and designed in detail for the African use-case and with special focus on affordability, reliability and connectivity. An electric motorcycle tailored for different commercial use-cases such as carrying passengers or cargo with safety at the forefront. It is truly a testament to our commitment to offering world-class electric vehicle technology to the continent." - Filip lövström, CEO and Co-Founder of Roam

Check out the ROAM AIR here.

Image: ROAM

Authored by: Alison Pittaway