9 Jan 19

BMW showcases intelligent connectivity at CES Las Vegas

BMW Group presents its vision of intelligent connectivity to the public at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The main focus is on the BMW Vision iNext, a concept car that looks ahead to the future of connected mobility as BMW sees it, featuring an on-board Intelligent Personal Assistant that constitutes the central element for interaction between the driver, his vehicle and the digital world.


The iNext is BMW’s view on the emission-free car of tomorrow, that no longer need to be driven by a human, but can be, if wanted. This way, the interior will become the owner’s “Favorite Space”, and can be a place for relaxation, interaction or entertainment, like a “living space” on wheels. Under the name “Shy Tech”, BMW concentrates the technology behind the operating controls, integrated out of the driver and passengers’ sight only becoming visible to the occupants when required, using so called “Intelligent Materials” with surfaces out of wood or fabric offering various functions and becoming interactive displays when wanted. Clearly, this is –as of now- still science fiction.


When the driver takes control of the vehicle (in “Boost” mode), the windshield becomes an augmented-reality screen with information about the drive and surroundings, but once the driver opts for the car to continue autonomously, on the highway for example, he selects the “Ease” mode, and the steering wheel and pedals disappear, creating an open and spacious feeling. If wanted, the “Executive mode” can transform the cockpit into a mobile office allowing video conferencing for example, where the windshield becomes the screen where the meeting’s participants are shown, while shared documents can be viewed at the same time on the Control Display. These are only a few of the possibilities BMW foresees in the (distant) future of mobility, showcased in the new concept car.


The series-production model based on the BMW Vision iNext will enter production in 2021, using elements and technologies showcased in the concept car, with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant (already finding its way into current BMW models such as the new X5) as an example.


Photo : BMW

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert