6 Nov 21

Element Fleet Management expands connectivity solutions with two new products

Fleet services and solutions provider Element Fleet Management launched Element Connectivity Solutions, an ecosystem of telematics products, services, and strategic alliances to meet fleet operators' specific data and analytics needs. 

A long-term partner of Geotab, Element Fleet Management, announced two new telematics solutions under the new ecosystem created for the fleet management industry. QConnect and DriverCare CoPilot will meet fleet operators' OEM-embedded and mobile device vehicle connectivity solutions, independent of hardware requirements and billing preferences. 

Two new telematics products represent the aim of Element Connectivity solutions as providing the "best fit" connectivity solutions of fleets by offering accurate and real-time vehicle and driver data, enabling fleets to increase efficiency through improved analytics. 

Deeper insights on fleet capabilities

Designed for data integration in fleets, QConnect turns basic daily fleet capacities into standard data and analytics to create a holistic understanding of the health and utilization of a fleet. The solution links various fleet connectivity solutions into an integrated view, also an advanced analytics module designed for fleet tasks. 

An innovative solution based on gamification, DriverCare CoPilot, combines a smartphone application and a portal on the Cambridge Mobile Telematics platform, providing fleet and safety managers with an overall behavioural score of drivers based on risky behaviour. 

Element Connectivity Solutions aims to unlock the ability to gain deeper analysis of fleet management to bring performance to a new level through real-time driver and driver data. 

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Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen