4 Jan 19

Explore autonomous driving at CES 2019

One of the dominating topics of the CES2019 will be autonomous mobility; besides car manufacturers showcasing their brand owned concept, non-OEM players will demonstrate the best of what they have in the field of autonomy. Here are some concept you should keep an eye on.


Besides smart home solutions, Bosch will showcase its smart mobility solutions that will allow people to experience a new kind of mobility in the form of a driverless electric and connected concept shuttle for which Bosch will deliver a total concept by providing the hardware, software, and digital services that will enable users to book vehicles, pay and/or share rides. 

Bosch received six CES Innovation Awards – out of 28 categories – in the run-up to CES 2019. One went to Bosch’ universal connectivity unit which enables vehicles to communicate with each other and with traffic infrastructure, regardless of the country or manufacturer. Another awarded the Bosch Perfectly Keyless access system which will allow car drivers, car-sharing fleet operators, and logistics companies to manage their vehicle keys digitally. 


Catch up with Mobileye to experience its latest autonomous driving innovations in terms of safety and high accuracy maps. For the former, Mobileye showcases its mathematical model to ensure autonomous vehicles make safe decisions, called Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS). For the latter, Mobileye is taking a lead with its high accuracy maps and by retrofitting entire fleets of cities around the world with Mobileye Technology in order to have the cities Autonomous Ready, called their Road Experience Management (REM) technology.


“Mobility at your service. Freedom to Live” is Continental’s theme during the CES2019. By demonstrating solutions that reduce accidents and pollution, ease traffic congestion and foster mobility intelligence, Continental wants to address the most critical challenges of urban mobility. By using augmented reality, visitors will not only ‘see’ a three-dimensional view of the intersection in Walnut Creek, California, but also experience data feeds. Moreover, experts will be around to talk first hand about the value intelligent intersections can bring to smart cities.

Further on, Continental showcases its City Fleet Management solution to increase electric shared mobility and reduce congestion, noise and environment pollution. At the same time it will relieve the fleet managers by reducing the burden of paperwork, the physical handover of keys and even the task of vehicle maintenance. Continental will top of its showcased smart city solutions with Intelligent Streetlights and even Smart City Wearables for city workers; and uniting all the information in a City Data as a Service (CDaaS) platform, enabling Continental to provide interoperable, integrated and end-to-end services in the context of its smart city portfolio.

Harman Connected Car

To end with real limitless connectivity, it is worth taking a look at the website of Harman Connected Car where you can participate in the virtual reality of their newest technologies even if you would not be attending the conference. ‘What happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas…’

Image: Bosch will present one of its Award winning innovative technologies: keyless driving.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen