30 Jul 19

Geotab, Sawatch launches new EV assessment tool ezEV

Global IoT and connected transportation specialist Geotab has teamed up with analytics firm Sawatch Labs to provide ezEV, an electric vehicle (EV) suitability assessment tool aimed at helping companies make informed fleet management decisions.

“As our Government customers continue to green their fleets in an effort to reduce their environmental impacts or in response to government mandates, Sawatch provides the necessary tools and expertise to make these changes in the most efficient and productive manner possible,"says Geotab associate VP for Government & Smart City, Jean Pilon-Bignell.

Jean Pilon-Bignell (source: handout)


ezEV provides fleet managers with an assessment of individual vehicles in order to determine how an EV would perform following the same drive cycles and driving patterns of an existing vehicle. Each vehicle is then scored on its energy use, economics and parking consistency in order to produce an overall EV suitability score.

ezEV calculates return on investment and other key metrics (source: Sawatch)


This score enables businesses to determine financial savings, reduced fuel use and reduced GHG emissions if existing vehicles were replaced with recommended EVs as well as to confidently determine when an EV would and would not be a good decision.

Besides measuring fleet operations, the tool optimizes the size and composition of a fleet, electrifies the appropriate vehicles, manages a mix of vehicle and fuel technologies and reports on progress towards fleet management goals.

Key Metrics of ezEV

  • Overall ezEV score
  • Energy Score
  • Economics Score
  • Parking Score
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Fuel Savings
  • GHG Emissions
  • Dwell Time
  • Charging Needs
  • EVSE Locations


Authored by: Daniel Bland