9 Nov 23

Geotab's global connected transportation solutions hits 4 million subscriptions

With a massive data processing capacity of handling 55 billion points of data every day, Geotab is further advancing intelligence data-driven decision-making in the fleet industry and continuously expanding its customer base. 

Backed by the powerful demand for connected technologies, Geotab increased the number of users for connected transportation services by one million in the last 15 months, reaching a tally of four million. 

Providing telematics solutions for the last 23 years, Geotab reached three million global subscriptions last year and witnessed a surge in demand over a year, reinforced by the increased awareness of the impact of high-quality data intelligence in transportation and logistics. 

Regardless of size and purpose, any fleet is heavily investing in the three primary goals, safety, performance and sustainability, in the face of sharpening climate regulations and to meet increasing customer demand and boost performance. Adaption of connected vehicles and technologies is the hottest trend among fleets to avoid lagging in fierce competition. In Europe, only 24% of the cars were connected in 2021, but this ratio will surge to 93% by 2030, according to Statista.

Geotab, offering fully-fledged telematics solutions integrated with advanced data analytics at the generative artificial intelligence (AI) level, is an address that is easy to spot for fleets worldwide. 

Generative AI makes sense of the data and provides answers and guidance to fleets, helping them pave their way to the top three goals. “Fleets are under mounting pressure to improve their bottom line, reduce emissions, prioritize road safety, and find cost-effective solutions. We know that you can’t effectively manage what you don’t measure, and that’s why data and technology have become as vital to organizations as the vehicles they operate”, says Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab.

Expanding the technology further

Handling enormous amounts of data requires non-stop development in data analytics. Since Geotab reached three million subscriptions in August 2022, the vehicles connected to the Geotab platform travelled 89 billion kilometres, equal to 594 trips to the Sun. Now providing solutions in an ecosystem of over 700 partners, Geotab is further advancing Machine Learning (ML) models to turn data into vital insights. 

Several major OEMs and lease companies joined Geotab’s platform in recent years. BMW integrated its proprietary data into the MyGeotab platform in September 2023, making the data from the integrated telematics functions of BMW Group cars to fleets, leasing and rental companies that use the Geotab platform. Citroen, DS, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Opel / Vauxhall, Peugeot, and Renault have done the same. 

Enterprise, a leading lease and fleet management provider managing over 2.1 million cars worldwide, announced a partnership with Geotab in the UK in January 2023. 

To further improve the solutions provided to an increasing customer base, Geotab partnered with video telematics provider Lytx in March 2023.

The main image is the courtesy of Shutterstock, 1948091740.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen