15 Feb 24

Lining up connected tech innovations @Geotab Connect 2024

Geotab Connect is the annual celebration of Geotab's leadership position in connected transportation solutions, and a unique opportunity for the Toronto-based company with more than 4 million vehicles connected globally to promote its latest products and services. In Las Vegas over 3,000 customers, resellers, partners and Geotabbers attended the 2024 Geotab Connect event. Also Global Fleet was present. Here are three product innovations for you:

Geotab ACE: Tailored insights through intuitive dialogue

Integrated within Geotab's "MyGeotab" platform (picture embedded below), Geotab ACE serves as an artificial intelligence copilot, empowering fleet managers to make informed decisions based on data. By engaging with the tool, much like a human conversation, fleet managers can effortlessly comprehend vast amounts of data, revolutionizing their interaction with the complexities of fleet management.

Geotab ACE boasts access to a diverse range of data, encompassing safety analytics, predictive maintenance, trip data, GPS tracking, and more. It tackles intricate searches by analyzing data and tailoring responses according to the fleet's configuration in MyGeotab.

Neil Cawse, Geotab's CEO (pictured above), emphasizes the transformative potential of Geotab ACE, stating, "The roadmap we have for Geotab ACE is a game-changer for fleet management, providing access to insights on-demand."

Geotab GO Anywhere Asset Tracker: Monitoring Critical Assets

Businesses globally incur significant financial losses due to lost, damaged, or stolen assets. Geotab is introducing a hardware solution, seamlessly integrable into the MyGeotab platform, enabling centralized monitoring of all connected assets. The rugged design of GO Anywhere caters to diverse use cases, providing an extended battery life and hassle-free installation.

Sabina Martin, VP of Product Management, remarks, "Geotab GO enhances asset monitoring, facilitates strategic deployment, and optimizes utilization, thereby converting potential losses into substantial savings and productivity enhancements."

MyGeotab Dashboard

Advanced Routing and Dispatching: Increase productivity and uptime

A driver tasked with completing 10 stops in a single day faces a staggering array of over 3 million potential routes. In an era where Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is on the rise, it becomes imperative for companies to pinpoint the most optimal route, leveraging data on factors like customer requirements, traffic conditions, and available resources.

Enter Geotab’s Routing and Optimization tool, a solution designed precisely for this purpose. By harnessing data-driven insights, it offers a multitude of benefits for fleet operators: boosting on-time arrivals by up to 98%, reducing mileage by as much as 30%, and consequently curbing fuel expenditure.

This solution is not only effective but also scalable, with its various modules tailored to accommodate diverse variables such as business priorities, service continuity, time constraints, and distance covered. Among its features are appointment scheduling, real-time notifications, and a status interface facilitating seamless communication between customers and frontline agents.

Sabina Martin, pictured above presenting the platform, emphasizes the potential for substantial savings, suggesting that businesses could conserve millions of dollars annually with the enhanced efficiency provided by this solution.

Picture Credit: GlobalFleet @ GEOTAB Connect 2024

Authored by: Yves Helven