8 Oct 18

Tech trends in fleet management - ARI

The fleet management space is buzzing with a variety of new technologies but telematics, connected vehicles, and advanced analytics are some of the main trends driving innovation in the sector today.


Fueling these advancements is Big Data and how to best leverage it has been a key focus for a number of years. Although many fleet managers were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information coming from Big Data in the beginning, it is now being harnessed to be used in several industries.


However, despite offering a lot of potential, we must understand that this potential doesn’t mean much for the big picture unless you can effectively manage it, something that international fleet management company ARI is focused on today.


“ARI started investing in Big Data and analytics infrastructure more than eight years ago, before most in the fleet industry,” CEO Bob White told Global Fleet.


“We are working closely with our customers to help leverage their fleet data, helping them to better understand the “why” behind their fleet challenges in order to develop a better “how” to resolve those challenges,” the executive said.

ARI president Bob White (Source: ARI)


Through the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is important for fleet managers to acquire data that shows not only which vehicles are costing you the most, but the root cause of those increasing costs.


“In the end, our ultimate goal is to convert this data into meaningful, action-based information which can be used to empower our clients and give them significant business improvements,” said White.


While telematics, connected vehicles, and advanced analytics are the driving forces of today and the near future, the executive also pointed our other emerging trends expected to impact the industry in the not so far future. They are autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing services, as well as subscription-based vehicle usage models.



Authored by: Daniel Bland