16 Apr 21

Video podcast: 10 minutes with Colin Sutherland, Geotab: "One subscription isn't where it ends"

On 23 and 24 March, global vehicle telematics and IoT specialist Geotab organised the first-ever Geotab Extend, a virtual learning and networking conference focusing on the serices and developments of its third-party marketplace partners.

"When people subscribe to services like telematics, they're not acquiring a single subscription for a solution. With Geotab, they're acquiring a dataset that can be extended to any one of the 100 partners that were participating actively in our Extend conference. One subscription isn't where it ends", says Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Geotab in the new 10 minutes video podcast with Global Fleet Editor-in-Chief Steven Schoefs.

You can watch the video podcast by clicking on the video image above. Also have a look at our other 10 minute video interviews.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck