1 Oct 18

Getting your Troops together with Trooptravel

How do get your ‘troops’ together in this globalised world at the most cost-efficient, and time-saving way, and with the smallest carbon footprint? Trooptravel offers a solution!

Even in this digitalised and globalised world, you need to connect in real-life once in a while, for a particular meeting, an event, or a business trip. Picking a gathering place and travel route to get all the business partners or colleagues together, often depends on habits; but what if you could optimise the gathering place and travel route in a way that it saves the entire team time, money and even greenhouse gas emissions?

Leonardo Cremer and Dennis Vilovic asked themselves the same question two years ago and they developed the application Trooptravel. Meanwhile, several big international companies have started working with the application to optimise their international business trips and meetings. Trooptravel won global recognition and is going commercial in January 2019. 

So, what makes Trooptravel stand out from the crowd? For planning a business trip, you would rely on habits or use a variety of websites, from a flight searching engine, over Google Maps to plan the ground part, and even a (digital) notebook to note the various points of interests, the business contacts in the area, and of course a calendar application for the time management. 

Trooptravel replaces all of this by one integrated system, optimising your business trip in terms of time, money, and convenience. Eventually you pick the trip out of Trooptravel’s suggestions, based on what you want to optimise, such as savings in travel distance, money, time, or even greenhouse gasses.

The application shows a map on which you can pin the various positions of the business partners. Next, the engine calculates the possible meeting points, at various costs and time schedules, considering flight and hotel costs. The integrated agenda tool shows you immediately which events are in the vicinity in terms of time and space. 

The application can also be used to get the best out of your gathering during your stay. Bookmark the places you have to visit and Trooptravel calculates the best location for a hotel in terms of money and time saving based on the use of a taxi or ride hailing services. A convenient service is its integration of LinkedIn, so you can add any relevant business contact in the vicinity and visit them while being there. Killing two birds with one stone.

At the end of the day, the options are endless, and they are adding and optimising the system continuously with new features such as security level or meeting rooms available. ‘Until January we will be improving and finetuning the system,’ explains Leonardo ‘and yes it will all be GDPR-proof,’ he winks. 

By January 2019 Trooptravel will have its commercial launch. In a world of increasing commutes, globalisation and digitalisation, it is remarkably that Trooptravel is the only one offering this concept.


Image: Screenshot Trooptravel 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen