26 Nov 21

Irwan Iriks, OviDrive: Supporting fleet by building strategic partnerships

Building strategic partnerships is key in fleet management, especially in the face of the evolving fleet and mobility markets which call for innovative technologies and industry know-how.

OviDrive is a multinational technology, services and consultancy company which boasts a dynamic Fleet and Mobility ERP with the ability to absorb and process connected, and unconnected data generated by people, assets, and supply chain. 

In this brief interview with Chief Growth Officer Irwan Iriks, you will find out more about how the company is supporting fleet manager strategies and some of the trends taking place in the industry.

How does OviDrive support global and regional fleet management strategies?

Iriks: OviDrive supports fleet strategies by operating as a strategic partner as opposed to a standard vendor. A partnership means collaboration, open discussions, and a strategic endgame. Secondly, we are a technology first business and everything we do is data driven. 

We use cloud technologies that provide us the insights that are required to develop fleet strategies with confidence. And thirdly we don’t forget the human element (the know-how). 

By pairing industry experts with technology, we can make real data driven recommendations and build a long-term roadmap for innovation and sustainability that achieves both long-and-short term objectives.
What is the global fleet trend that corporate fleet decision makers need to anticipate now and how can OviDrive support?
: There are many trends right now including moving to net zero and the transition to EV, corporate mobility, global harmonisation and digital adoption. OviDrive can support with technical and industry know-how and provide the necessary technologies to achieve goals. 

Whether we are providing strategic consulting, global fleet systems that track sustainability metrics, mobility applications for an improved digital employee experience or an integrated corporate mobility solution, we have the right alternative for fleet managers. 

It’s a matter of understanding what the business needs to achieve and taking a flexible and modular approach aimed at designing a long-term solution which meets these needs. 
Last but not least, could you tell our readers why it is important to support the Global Fleet Conference and what do you hope to see on 2 December?
I always look forward to the Global Fleet Conference. You can never stop learning and I always walk away with a deeper knowledge of the industry. 

Global Fleet provides a forum where like-minded individuals can share ideas and stories, find inspiration, and grow together. I am always seeking insight as to what is happening in the industry and believe that anyone who is committed to this business and to pushing change should attend the Conference. 

I am looking forward to seeing thought provoking content and inspiring speakers at the event!

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Authored by: Daniel Bland