17 Feb 22

Geotab footprint on the rise in Chile

Geotab footprint on the rise in Chile

Global telematics and fleet management solution provider Geotab has surpassed the 20,000-subscription mark in Chile.

The aim of the Toronto-based multinational is to optimize fleets by maximizing the performance of their vehicles all while increasing safety and sustainability through real-time data analysis.
The company is helping to decarbonize the transportation sector in Chile by collaborating with organizations such as the Ministry of Energy and its La Plataforma de Electromovilidad, its official platform aimed at informing, connecting, and preparing citizens for the transition to electromobility.

The flexibility and customization of Geotab's open platform allows its users to focus on the areas of their fleet that need further optimization, adapting to the needs of each company and allowing managers to make effective decisions supported by reliable data metrics.

 "The metrics offered by Geotab's platform help improve the overall optimization of companies as well as their vehicles, especially in a sector as important as transportation, which increasingly demands greater efficiency from fleets to help maintain daily operations," says Latam VP Sean Killen.

With some 10 years in investments in Latin America and the Caribbean, Geotab now has more than 170,000 connected vehicles in the region. 


Photo: snapshot of the Geotab team (source: Geotab)

Authored by: Daniel Bland