5 Feb 19

Tembici bike sharing deploys new AI platform in South America

Tembici bike sharing company from Brazil has joined forces with London-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform provider, Stage Intelligence, to improve and expand the former's bike sharing scheme in South America.
Stage Intelligence, a leading AI provider for the mobility and logistics industry, will provide Tembici with its BICO artificial intelligence optimization platform. The goal is to enhance the rider experience all while being more environementally friendly.
Phase I involves implementing the platform in six of the 18 Brazilian cities Tembici operates in (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife, Salvador, Port Alegre and Vila Velha), and Phase II calls for launching the service in Santiago and Buenos Aires, impacting a total of 16,000 bikes.
Stage Intelligence has also deployed its BICO optimization platform in Guadelahara Mexico, as well major cities such as Paris, Helsinki, and Chicago. As for Tembici, it operates the largest Bike Share scheme in Latin America
Authored by: Daniel Bland