2 Dec 20

Carlos Castillo (Geotab): “Aggressive growth in Latin America”

Carlos Castillo, Global Vice President - Marketplace Ecosystem at Geotab, says e-commerce and last mile deliveries have skyrocketed in Latin America over the past year. But his company is ready to deliver the hardware and software to maximise productivity and take care of driver behaviour.

Interest in telematics technology has grown substantially in Latin America in recent years. Road safety and driver behaviour are at the top of the telematics agenda in the region, but telematics solutions are also used to improve operational efficiency (including fraud prevention) and to improve fleets’ environmental score.

Carlos Castillo, Global Vice President - Marketplace at Geotab, looks back at the Latin American telematics market in 2020 and forward to 2021.

What’s the current position of Geotab in Latin America?

"Geotab is the only single hardware and software solution capable of delivering the same reporting capabilities in every country in Latin America, regardless of the size of the fleet. This has helped us have an aggressive growth in the region as the companies can standardise the way they manage by measurement. Adding to being globally above 130+ countries and 2.1+ million devices, it gives us a good position to invest more in Latin America as a key region for our next 5 years growth plan."

What developments and trends do you see in the Latin American market?

"The market is evolving, in this year industries such as e-commerce and last mile delivery have skyrocketed, which brings more people on the road for commercial activity purposes and the need to have a technology to help the fleet manager maximise their productivity while taking care of driver behaviour."

What developments will Geotab have in Latin America?

"Geotab is growing strongly in the basic aspects of Telematics (GPS, Productivity, Efficiency, Safety, etc.) and at the same time showing leadership in technologies such as our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment and Geotab Keyless Hardware, to create car sharing opportunities for any fleet."

Image: Carlos Castillo, Global Vice President - Marketplace, Geotab

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck