9 Sep 19

Charging Fleet Management with AI-powered Analytics

It is estimated that there are over 64 million connected cars worldwide, equipped with more than 100 sensors that create a constant stream of data. However, data is only useful when you have the right tools to analyse it, and that’s where the power of AI-driven technology comes in.

Galooli offers automotive companies with a smart remote management AoT (Analytics of Things) solution that utilises AI-predictive models to turn data into actionable insights. By providing real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, batteries, and other connected assets, Galooli enables businesses to make data-driven decisions that result in actual returns on investment.

AI-based KPIs for Financial Growth

The key to being successful with AI-powered technology is to first understand the business problem you’re trying to solve. By carefully identifying areas where the company is overspending and defining the desirable KPIs, Galooli’s AI-based solution helps to improve fleet safety and discipline, reduce the fleet’s fuel consumption by up to 40%, and its maintenance costs by up to 20%.

Predictive Analytics of Things

By taking high-quality data and applying AI technology, Galooli enables businesses to predict the performance of their assets and make proactive changes to their operations. For example, Galooli’s battery lifetime prediction tool provides an accurate prediction of the battery status and overall battery health, and all this based on basic battery data collected. Just imagine how much money and trouble the automotive industry could save if it knew in advance when a battery needs a replacement. Another AI-powered development is Galooli’s vehicle insurance risk assessment. Through an integrated analysis between the vehicle and the driver profiles that includes the vehicle usage, driver characteristics, and past insurance claims, Galooli enables insurance companies to effectively predict future insurance claims and manage their budgets in a smart way.

Agile and Customised Monetisation of Data

Galooli provides first-class analysis and smart profiling of vehicle performance vis-a-vis the organisation and similar vehicles globally, converts the data into practical business intelligence tools, and then makes tailor-made actionable recommendations based on each vehicle’s characteristics to elevate the business productivity.

Maximise your business performance with Galooli’s AI-powered technology