15 Jul 21

Fleet LatAm Business Networking Group: Creating your connected fleet

The Fleet Latam Business Networking Group (BNG) accomplished its latest bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday (13 July), this time around with a panel discussion about ways to implement connectivity in Latin American fleets.    

Although various suppliers were at the meeting, among the participants were vehicle procurement specialists, one being Regional Procurement for car fleet AMS at Nestlé Vasco Fernandes (pictured left) who discussed fleet manager choices and ways to ensure a common offer in your company.

One quote we especially liked at the meeting highlighted the importance of telematics. "If data is the new oil, then telematics is the new drilling rig," said Mr. Fernandes.

Also present in the panel discussion was Geotab Global Marketplace VP Carlos Castillo (pictured right) who pointed out the pros and cons of fleet connectivity, especially when it comes to vehicle tracking, driver behavior management, TCO factors and others. 

During his presentation, the executive emphasized the importance of customized and scalable solutions and listed six things fleet managers look for when it comes to telematics. "The six pillars we have defined are associated with productivity, fleet optimization, safety, sustainability, compliance, and expandability," said Mr. Castillo. 

Riding on the same oil analogy as mentioned above, Privacy4Cars Founder and CEO Andrea Amico (pictured left) followed by saying that "we must reduce the possibility of oil spills," meaning that fleet managers need to appropriately deal with data privacy issues.  

During the panel discussion, Mr. Amico addressed data privacy issues and data security regulations in the main markets of Brazil and Mexico. 

Also present was Diego Anaya (pictured right) who is ALD Automotive (Peru) operations director. Besides shedding light on the leasing approach in the region and explaining some of the connected fleet offerings the company provides, he pointed out challenges in Latin America.    

Among them are bad quality roads and infrastructure, complications with fleets operating at high altitudes, and dealing with heavy traffic in some cities.  

The executive also pointed out the importance of having dedicated mobile apps for drivers. "Besides providing mileage data, trip records, vehicle service reminders, fuel efficiency indicators, and gamification to push smarter and safer driving, being fully data privacy compliant and offering personalized data permission controls are key," Mr. Anaya said.   

During the meeting, product and marketing director Miguel Peña (pictured left) of Element Fleet Management (Mexico) and sales manager Michel Brits (pictured below) of IT services company Trimble (Brazil) also gave a bit of insight on what their respective companies are doing in the region.  

While Element Fleet Management (part of the Element-Arval global alliance) is the largest vehicle fleet management provider in Mexico, Trimble is a multinational aimed at transforming corporate management by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital realms.  

Discussions were moderated by Fleet Latam Chief Editor Steven Schoefs and Fleet Latam Editor Daniel Bland. The two announced the upcoming Fleet LatAm Conference taking place on 21 September and the first-ever Fleet Latam fleet manager of the year award which will occur during the final moments of the conference.  
Upcoming Dates to Remember. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Fleet LatAm Business Networking Group meeting: 14 September, 2021 (Topic TBA)
  • Fleet LatAm Conference VEx Virtual Experience: 21 September, 2021 (International Fleet Management, Simplified)
  • Fleet LatAm fleet manager of the year award: 21 September, 2021

For more information on the state of the fleet market in Latin America and other fleet and mobility topics in the region, visit the Latin America regional stream of the Global Fleet Conference 2021. 

Authored by: Daniel Bland