22 Jan 19

Fleet LatAm welcomes Galooli OTO's Ronen Barel to advisory board

The Fleet LatAm advisory board has been drawing a lot of attention this month as we once again introduce one of the newest members of this specialized group, being Ronen Barel who is the CEO of remote asset performance management and telematics company Galooli OTO.
Operating in 35 countries and in eight languages, the Tal Aviv based remote asset performance management and telematics company is aimed at maximizing businesses' performance, cutting operational expenditures, and according to the executive, providing detailed analytics.
There are several telematics and fleet management solution companies sprouting up around the world, "but the main difference between our solutions and others is that we are highly focused on the analytics side of the business, as well as the bottom lines contributing to operational efficiency and expense savings," says Barel.
As such, the company can provide a full telematics solution or it can provide a layer of analytics to compliment an existing third party installed fleet management solution, he explained.

Galooli OTO user monitoring vehicle idle time, one of the many tools available (source: Galooli OTO)
"As for the advisory board, I am honored and excited to be on board. From the experience we have in technology and from the maturity Galooli OTO has gained in the markets it is present in, I am hoping to contribute with key information for other players within the fleet industry, Barel said.
By coming together and sharing knowledge, the executive feels that this group of networkers will be able to leverage the potential of the entire market, something that could benefit all board members as well as the fleet and mobility industries.
Authored by: Daniel Bland