31 Jul 19

Keys to Connected Cars at Fleet LatAm conference 2019

Connected cars will be one of the topics of discussion at the 2019 Fleet LatAm Conference to be held 23-24 September in Mexico City.

The talks will start right after lunch on Tuesday (24 Sep). It follows a keynote on Smart Mobility and a cocktail reception on Monday, as well as two morning sessions on Tuesday, being one on Fleet Internationalization and another on Fleet Safety.


The first topic during the Connected Fleet session will highlight the benefits of a connected car fleet. If used correctly, it generates better driving behavior and improves vehicle fleet and mobility management efficiency.


Put together by the connected car group of the Fleet LatAm advisory board, this session will unravel the growing importance of connected services in vehicle fleet management and describe the developments of the connected car and telematics market with insights into the major providers.

Fleet Latam advisory board, partial-group shot, Miami 2019 (source: Global Fleet)

The second topic will be about buying and implementing connected technologies for your fleet, addressing issues such as how to put telematics programs into practice. During this session, a leasing company and a fleet manager will discuss the building blocks of telematics they have implemented in Latin America.


Among the topics to be discusses are objectives, challenges, benefits, results, future expectations, in addition to driver behavior, theft control, and cost savings.


Fleet LatAm conference 2019 will be held at the JW Marriot hotel in Mexico City 23-24 September. It will be followed by Fleet LatAm training for fleet managers on September 25. For more event information, visit here

Authored by: Daniel Bland